• In what ways have you seen your ministry or ministries on your campus innovate? What could others find useful that you’ve seen done?
  • Where on our campus do you think you could use some innovative thinking?

  • What does it take for you to change the way you do things? What do you think it would take to change the way things were done on your campus?


  • What do you think the state of worship is on your campus? Music? Style?
  • If you could have one thing for worship at your campus, what would it be?


  • What does your campus do for student leadership that you think others should know about that could help them in their context?

  • What ways do you wish you were better equipped for leadership on your campus?

  • What ways do you think you could improve leadership on your campus?

  • What does leadership look like on your campus? (What does your week look like, what are your responsibilities, what do you feel like you have leadership over)


  • What are some things on your campus that you do in regards to missions and service that you think could benefit other campuses?

  • How do you determine if a service project was successful? How do you evaluate its effectiveness?

  • What have you seen done that helps connect mission and service opportunities on your campus and community to students who want to serve?

  • What is the state of missions/service on your campus? How do you find new service opportunities?


  • What role does outreach play in your campus or campus ministry? What is your mindset when you think about outreach?

  • What are some outreach activities and opportunities you’ve seen done on your campus that you think others would benefit from knowing about?

  • What are the challenges on your campus or in your ministry when it comes to outreach? In what ways do you feel like you need help or support to meet those challenges?


  • What are the challenges when it comes to discipleship on your campus or in your campus ministry? What help do you need in meeting those challenges?

  • What does discipleship look like on your campus on in your campus ministry? (Structure, curriculum, etc)

  • What do you define discipleship or discipleship mentoring as in your conext? Why do you feel like it’s important?